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 We opened our doors in March of 1980 with the knowledge that that the use of natural and organic products could improve the lives of people and the health of the planet.  That knowledge was compelling.  Central Pennsylvania is fortunate to have been the birthplace, or should we say, the re-birth place of organic farming.  The important work done by Paul and Betty Keene and the Walnut Acres Farm family served to inform and inspire.  Thanks in part to their example and efforts, many of us became more connected to the earth that sustains us.  Ecologically aware consumers have even driven the large box stores to offer 'good for you' aisles among the 'bad for you' aisles. 
             With good service, quality products, innovation and a sense of fun and humor, we hope to continue to thrive as a 'David' in a world ever more dominated by large, impersonal 'Goliaths'.  Whether it is at the Natural Food & Garden Store or at the many other small businesses that dot our valley, we all appreciate your voting for independent business by visiting our stores. 
              The Natural Food & Garden Store is a living entity.  We are constantly evolving adapting to new knowledge and the community we serve.  We offer a sincere thank you to the new families that continue to find us and to those kind folks who have shopped here these thirty-plus years. 





 We have always featured many regional products in our store.  Freshness, conserving energy on distribution, and recycling dollars in our own community are just a few of the many good reasons to buy local.  The Natural Food & Garden Store has many different local and regional suppliers.  These items are as varied and unique as the folks who create them.
  • Baked goods: whole grain, sprouted grain, several gluten-free options
  • Dairy products: raw milks (both goat and cow), artisan cheeses of many Pa. cheesemakers, butter
  • hand-crafted jewelry and mobiles
  • Red Ridge Pottery
  • Earth Bird feeders and houses for a variety of critters
  • Beautifully crafted fabric art: handbags, aprons, doilies, clutches
  • Wild caught salmon
  • Free range and anti-biotic free chickens and eggs
  • Hand made body care products: soaps, shampoos, lotions, scrubs, butters
  • Seasonal produce
  • Fresh roasted coffees
  • Hand crafted spice and tea blends
  • Freshly milled grains and flours
  • Piano gourds and musical instruments
  • Honey, pollen
  • Local postcards and greeting cards

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